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Class Dates

Duration 120 mins   

Class Description

Would you like to offer your clients something new? Are you ready to learn a new nail shape? Then, this class is for you.

In this class, student will learn the following:

  • Prepping the natural nail
  • Correct form application in order to achieve the Russian Almond Shape
  • Perfecting smilelines
  • Reverse French applications
  • Pinching
  • Filing and shaping
  • Product and brush control

This is a 2-hour class.  A certificate will be awarded upon completion.

Class Breakdown

This class will consist of two demos.

The first demo will be Russian Almond in one color, focusing on the following:

  • Prepping the natural nail
  • Correct form placement
  • How to customize your form to fit the natural nail
  • Sculpting the Russian Almond Shape in one color
  • Finish filing
  • Gel polish application

The second demo will be Russian Almond – Reverse French technique in gel, focusing on the following:

  • Sculpting in gel
  • Finish filing a Russian Almond nail using the Reverse French technique
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Student will be able to view the class while following the demos in their own salon (either on themselves or on a model).

Alternatively, students will be able to first watch, make some additional notes and then work on their demo nails after the class.

Upon completing the course, student should create one of each of the demo nails and post a picture of both on our Lably Facebook page. Once both are posted, I will provide feedback there and issue certificates.

Sculpting gels - white, blush, cover
Prep products
Gel sculpting brush
Gel cleanser
Cuticle pusher
UV/LED lamp
Gel polish
Top gel

taught by
Tracey Lee Tracey Lee

Independent Global Educator
NAILS Magazine Next Top Nail Artist Winner Season 4
International Judge
International Competition Winner
Guest Editor for NAILS Magazine

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Instructor Review

Awesome class Tracey made this class so easy to understand why it’s so important to have great photos and how easy it is to achieve them with so many different options.

Class Review

Awesome learning experience for a beginner to even an experienced nail tech learning easy ways to photo a set of nails and making them look like a professional photographer took the photo

amandaw6919.03.2018 | US
Instructor Review

Amazing Instructor and Amazing women. Τracey has an incredible transmissibility and communication!

Class Review

The course was done in the best way. Full understanding as taught. Continuous help with answers to questions and queries of learners. I'm looking forward to the next lesson!! <3

SophiaQueen18.02.2018 | GR