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Duration 60 mins   

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This is an “Educational Video Course” taught by Akzentz Certified Educator (ACE) and Nails Magazine Next Top Nail Artist Finalist, Danielle Costantino.

Many gel courses focus on sculpting or building the actual enhancements, few teach about the process once your client returns, commonly called a fill. This class will demonstrate the full process of performing an easy salon gel rebalance and fill. You will learn a foolproof process to keep your clients coming back month after month. In this class Danielle will be using an Efile and Akzentz gel, however, this class will teach techniques that will easily convert over any gel system. Danielle teaches this same course in person for over $200 per student. With Danielle’s new online courses you can get top-notch education easily and affordably via Lably. The benefit to purchasing a Lably course is that the recording stays in your course portfolio forever to rewatch over and over.

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Class Breakdown

In this class we will touch upon the following objectives in an easy to follow and understand lesson:

  • Assessment of nails prior to rebalancing
  • Full and Complete Nail Preparation using tools and an Electric File.
  • Explanation of multiple Efile bits and usages.
  • Getting nails photo ready
  • Tips and techniques for rebalancing and shaping a gel nail with an Efile.
  • Dehydration process
  • Bonding process
  • Gel application techniques for filling and balancing a nail.
  • Easy and quick glitter application
  • Smooth top coating techniques
  • Hand-filing
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Upon completion of this class, students will be able to perform an easy salon gel rebalance and fill, as well as implement a foolproof process to keep their clients coming back month after month.

Beveled steel Akzentz Cuticle Pusher
Kupa Upower Efile
Texas Tornado Carbide Gel Removal Bit
Mandrel Bit
Fine Sanding Bands
Erica's Sciver Bit  (Medium)
Cuticle Nippers Quarter Jaw
Pumice Polishing Ball Bit (Pink) Magic Bits
Sanitized Dust Brush
Acetone 100%
2 x 2 Woven Gauze Pads
Akzentz LED/UV Hybrid Gel Light | Akzentz Oval 111 Gel Brush
Akzentz  Pro=Formance Adhere
Akzentz Pro-Formance Enhance Pink
Opalescent Fine Glitter .008
Dry Soft Nail Brush
Akzentz Shine-On
100/100 Curved File
taught by
Danielle Constantino Akzentz

Hailing from Lincoln, R.I., former salon owner, and nail technician Danielle Costantino has made a name for herself in the industry. After letting her business go and working alongside one of the most talented names in the industry, Akzentz I.C.E. Educator Gina Silvestro, she uncovered her artistic calling. Working in Gina’s salon, she absorbed everything. She developed her technique, grew her loyal clientele, and worked nonstop until she received an amazing opportunity to compete to be NAILS Magazines ‘Next Top Nail Artist’. Danielle seized the opportunity and excelled each week securing the most votes several weeks in a row. From 1000s, to 24, to 12, to 3, Danielle was named a Finalist. Her passion, love of art, pursuit of perfection, and social media savvy have propelled her career and popularity. Danielle started educating independently in 2015, and fell in love with it. She is so excited to join the Akzentz family as an A.C.E. Educator. Her curiosity makes her an eternal student. Traveling far and wide to learn and train with the most talented in the world. Danielle is a firm believer in continuing education. Together with Akzentz, Danielle hopes to spread her passion and knowledge to other hungry minds around the globe. Helping and inspiring people as they develop their careers.

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