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Class Dates

Duration 90 mins   

Class Description

In the first part of the class, I will show you how to use a full range of different colours and different techniques to achieve textures, lines and movement in creating popular marble effect designs that are more advanced and realistic.

In the second part of the class, I will show you how to elevate your marble nail design with additional nail art composition and embellishment that you can use in the salon

After attending this class, you will be confident in using this style of nail art to enhance your work.

Class Breakdown

We will be working with :
-Colour Coordination
-Lines & Movement using different techniques
-Textures & Layering
-Elevating Marble Effects with nail art & decorations to create design compositions

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Students will be confident in using this style of nail art to enhance your work.

Upon submitting a picture of your assignment nail tips via email to crgt11@gmail.com with your name, you will receive a Certificate for completing this class.

Students are highly encouraged to watch the class in its entirety before attempting to work hands-on.

Gel Polish and Gel Paint - Black / White
Gel Polish or Gel Paint - All Shades Cream based Colors
3D Gel White (optional) / White acrylic powder
Nail art Brushes - Flat/Round/Ombre/Liner (various sizes)
Matte Gel Top
Shiny Gel Top
Luxio Build or similar (any thick consistency clear gel)
Gel Cleaner / Wipes
Base Gel
Nail Tips
Dotting Tool

taught by
Catherine Wong NailQueen

In 2002, I left my corporate job to start my own nail distribution business carrying leading brands such as Ezflow/Entity/NfuOh/Akzentz/ONS and provided nail education and competition training by collaborating with the best nail educators, nail champions and reputable manufacturers in the nail industry. I’ve trained, won and judged competitions internationally, built an award winning team of educators, mentored many successful nail artists during my 15 years of full time career in the nail industry. Between 2011-2014, I’ve published 7 coffee table nail books and 3 nail art instruction books sold internationally. The nail business has given me the opportunity to host 2 seasons of Global Nail Cup competition in Malaysia and I've travelled extensively to teach nail art classes privately as well as in trade shows worldwide. My nail artworks have been published in leading trade magazines in Asia, USA, Canada, Mexico, UK and Europe. In 2014, I had the opportunity to collaborate with the UK Scratch magazine as a contributor to the VIVCAT nail art column for the entire year. In the past year, Mylably has enabled me to reach out to students all over the world online and I am very happy to be able to continue my passion for nails and share my experience and techniques in the classes that I will be developing specifically for Mylably students under this new platform!

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