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Class Dates

Duration 90 mins   

Class Description

In this class, you will learn how to reduce the time it takes to perform a fill on clients. By incorporating what you learn from this class, you can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to perform your services, without compromising the quality of your service. If time is a struggle, then this is the class for you.

Class Breakdown

The class will include the following topics:
• How to set up properly
• How to break down your service
• How to use an E-file and proper bits for nail prep
• How to use different gels to your advantage
• How to minimize hand filing and maximize E-filing
• How to choose the correct speed to perform services

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Students will be able to complete prep, product application, filing, shaping and polishing in significantly less time than prior to taking the class.

Electric file
Carbide bit
Cuticle sciver bit
Medium sanding band
UV or LED Lamp
Gels- Adhere or your preferred bonding gel, Sculpting Gel- Akzentz Enhance or Your preferred sculpting gel
Gel polish- Luxio Gel polish Bespoke or Your preferred gel polish
Akzentz Shine On or your preferred Top Gloss
Brush-Akzentz Oval #111
Prep products- Akzentz Prep & Wipe 99% IPA
Wipes- preferably lint free
Hand File
Timer or Clock

taught by
Lana Gavric

Lana shares her talent and skill set with countless students, helping to mentor and develop successful careers. She began her training in aesthetics in 1999. Through hard work and practice her name has become widely known throughout Canada and the United States. She strives to provide nail technicians with the knowledge and practice using cutting edge nail technology and products. Lana, through her tireless dedication has come to help shape the nail industry in Canada.


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