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Head to Tail Fish (Gel Paint & 3D Design)

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I am using Akzentz Gel to create this design and in this tutorial I have included all the fine detail for you to be able to follow and re-create the design.  I have sectioned this Tutorial into 3 parts for that very reason – to ensure I have included as much detail as possible.

In Part 1 I will show you how to create the background and then the shape and body of the fish.  We then paint the fish using various colors to blending techniques.

Part 2 is adding in more detail and finishing the base of the fish to be ready for part 3 which is the 3d component.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial!




I have used all Akzentz Gel Products, tools and equipment for this design. To find your nearest supplier of Akzentz Products worldwide – click on this link

Gel Play Black
Gel Play White or Titanium White
Gel Play Flame Red
Gel Play Sun Yellow and Yellow
Gel Play Red
Gel Play Purple
Gel Play Prussian Blue
Gel Play Nude
Options Glass Blue
Options Glass Green
Matte On
Shine On
No. 111 Brush
No. 1 Artliner Brush
No.6 Design Brush
3D Gel Powder
Mixing Palette
Mixing Mirror
Double-Sided Spatula
Lint Free Gel Wipes
Prep and Wipe

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Viv Simmonds

Viv Simmonds
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