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Class Dates

Duration 90 mins   

Class Description

Do you want to make quick salon designs? Well, this is the class for you, even if you’re new to nail art!

During this 90-minute workshop, students will learn how to paint quick eye-catching designs with Gel Paints.

Student will also learn:

  • Proper application of gel paints
  • When and how to use which brush
  • How to take care of your brushes
  • Simple lines, dots, drop lines and drop flowers
  • Blending techniques
  • Sponging technique
  • Stardust – sugar nails and snow glitter
  • Foiling

Class Breakdown

During this 90-minute workshop, students will not only learn how to paint quick, eye-catching designs with gel paints, but also learn:

  • Proper application of gel paint for blending technique
  • How to control your lines
  • Using sugar dust
  • Designs with sponging technique
  • Using foils and glitter
  • Abstract rose
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Upon completion of this class, students will have the ability to recreate the designs demonstrated in this class.

Students should PM their finished work to Olga Khazova’s Lably Students Facebook group.

Gel paint : |White
Black |4-5 Bright colors
2 Pastel colors
A couple darker colors for outline
Sparkle or shimmer color
Brush #6
Medium striper
Dotting tool
Black, opal and gold foils
Chunky sparkles
Sugar dust white - gold and any darker color
White snow glitter
Clear gel
Tack free top coat
Display tips
Sponge applicator
UV or LED lamp

taught by
European Standard European Standard

About Olga

Olga Khazova started her nail career in 2007 in Ukraine.

2010 – Training course CNI ( specialist in nail enhancement and nail design with UV gels CNI) Educator : Oksana Sakelary
2010 – Gel nail art “Ten Angels” Educator : Alina Khavronina
2010 – One Stroke level 1 ” Solo Art”
2010 – One Stroke level 2 ” Solo Art”
2010 – One Stroke level 3 ” Solo Art”
2010 – Basic nail art “Solo Art”
2012 – Watercolor class ”Solo Art”
2012 – Advanced class of One Stroke ”Solo Art”
2012 – ”French it is easy ” Gel technology (improved skills in modeling artificial nails, 2nd level of theoretical and practical education course) Educator : Tatiana Makarova
2012 – Acrylic 3D design “Solo Art”
2012 – Training for Educators Part 1 Examinator: Ingeborg Mensonides
2012 – Training for Educators Part 2 Examinator: Ingeborg Mensonides
2014 – Mosaic Gel Painting Art class (Kinga Micaci)
2014 – Becomes certified educator of Mosaic Nail Systems.
2015 – Educators convention (Nokia, Finland)
2016 – Competition Gel Training Course with Ela Loszczyk
2016 – Advanced Shapes Training Course with Ela Loszczyk
2016 – Gel Nail Art Training Course with Ela Loszczyk
2016 – Mixed Media Nail Art (NailFashion Academy Ireland)
2016 – Inktense Watercolor Class (Beverly Townsend)
2017 – 2 days Advanced Shapes (NailFashion Academy Ireland)
2017 – European Manicure (NailFashion Academy Ireland)

Awards and Achievements :

Twice a finalist for Canada’s Mirror Awards
Finalists for “Contessa Awards “
Winner of Golden Hands of Canada Award 2014
2016 -1st Place Hand Painted at Nail Competition Nail Masters Canada
2016- 3rd Place Salon Success at Nail Competition Nail Masters Canada
2017- 2nd Place ” Pink and White Sculpture” ( veteran category) Nail Expo
2017-1st Place “Gel Polish ” (veteran category) Nail Expo
2017-2nd Place “Mixed Media Nail Art” Nail Expo
2017- 1st “Salon Succes”
2017- 1st “ Artsy Extreme Shapes “
2017 - 1st “Glamor”


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