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Duration 120 mins   

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In this class, you will learn how to properly finish file every day salon shapes with your Efile. We will be covering how to shape square, oval, almond and coffin nails using your efile. This wil, help improve your overall shaping, cut down your fill time, and increase your overall confidence using your efile.

Class Breakdown

We will be discussing different shapes, how to create them and build the correct structure quickly and easily.

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10:54 am | 28.08.2017

Hi Students,
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This class will help boost your confidence using your efile. As well as in increase your speed during new sets and fills.
By learning the correct shaping and sculpting techniques, you will quickly learn how to create the perfect nail shape in less time.

Your efile
I will be using a rounded safety bit, coarse. You can use which ever bit you're comfortable with for product removal.
You will need a model, your own hand or a practice hand with pre sculpted nails that have not been finished filed - one each in square, oval, almond and coffin.
Files - I'll be using a 100/100 and a finish buffer
taught by
RobynSchwartz Robyn Schwartz Nail Designs

Robyn Schwartz, owner of Robyn Schwartz Nail Designs, has been working in the esthetics industry for over 20 years. After owning a full service salon for 10 years, Robyn decided to it was time to change her focus and concentrate on her clients, competing and teaching. In 2015, she started working with Akzentz as an ACE Educator. Robyn is the 2013 Contessa Nail Enhancement Artist of the Year, and has placed in the top 5 in Canada 3 times, and the Top 5 in the NAHA awards in 2016.

Each class is designed to help you achieve your goals of become a better nail tech. I will be helping you along the way with each class, both live during the classes and with full support on our lably Facebook page. I want to make sure you are comfortable with your lesson and all your questions are answered.

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