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Duration 120 mins   

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Come learn the art of Crystallization! An online version during a live workshop with world-renowned Swarovski Authorized Instructor Kellie DeFries aka The Crystal Ninja! Learn gluing and design techniques for gifts, accessories and more! Many tips and tricks will be shared in this class. Be sure to bring your gluing questions and the Crystal Ninja will do her best to help you out!

Class Breakdown

Students will learn how to:

  • Choose the right glue for the right surface
  • Create a Crystallized clutch purse with Swarovski Crystals
  • Create and crystallize a monogram design gift (holiday ornament)
  • Price your projects to make a profit and increase your income
  • Use these methods to crystallize just about ANYTHING!
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Crystal Katana or Tanto Tool
Crystal Ninja Master Glue Kit
Metal Clutch Purse
Plastic Holiday Ornament
Paint Pens (Tthe Shaky Kind)
Sharpie Markers
taught by
Kellie DeFries Crystal Ninja

Recognized worldwide for her artistry, expertise, and professionalism, Kellie DeFries, aka the Crystal Ninja, and her crew of highly skilled designers, produce the most outrageous crystal designs on planet earth—all created with SWAROVSKI crystals.

Kellie’s crystallization work appears with alarming regularity on TV, in celebrity swag bags, on the stars (and their cars), and swanky properties all over the world. Even Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Henri Bendel carry Crystal Ninja goodness.

When Swarovski gets a request for something extraordinary, they call Kellie. So when the City of Beverly Hills wanted to add yet more sparkle to their iconic Rodeo Drive street signs, the Crystal Ninja was on it.

Kellie’s artistry and skill are unparalleled. When corporations around the world want the best of the best, there is only one person to call, the Crystal Ninja.

Because of her exacting standards and exceptional creativity, Kellie was honored to hold the title for the elite SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS Ambassador Team from 2011 to 2014. As one of 54 ambassadors in the world, Kellie traveled the globe teaching her rock-solid tips, tricks, and techniques using SWAROVSKI crystal exclusively. Beginning 2016 Kellie was chosen as 1 of only 7 Swarovski Authorized Instructors for all of USA.

The Crystal Ninja never rests! Frustrated with off-the-shelf, hobbled together tools, Kellie began designing her own. Using her patent pending Crystal Katana to bling the interior of an elevator with over 342,000 crystals in London on a tight deadline, the Crystal Katana held up superbly, and she knew that anyone who loved to bling, would love her new thing.

Kellie demonstrated the Crystal Katana to the Swarovski Executives at company HQ in Rhode Island—and blew their minds—proving its versatility, strength, leaving behind many other tools on the market. In 2013, the Crystal Katana was brought to market and Kellie is one proud parent.

Now that she’s is a bonafide inventor, Kellie is working on developing a suite of crystallization products for hobbyists and pros alike. She’s proud to say her Crystal Katana is designed and assembled in the USA, and her recipe of synthetic wax is mixed and molded by hand in the Crystal Ninja Studios.

The Crystal Katana is receiving rave reviews from the sparkle community, and demand for Kellie’s workshops just keeps growing. She’s regularly featured in Swarovski training videos and has taught at the Create Your Style event in Tucson, AZ – the largest gem show in the west – since 2009. Yeah, she gets around.

Put a little sparkle in your life! For more information about Crystal Ninja products, classes, and custom services, give Kellie a call.


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