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Lably classes are taught by real and everyday professionals who are passionate about what they do – people like you, your friends, and your colleagues. You don’t need to be well-known to start a class and grow a following. We’ll help you get there.

Dream - Transform from expert to instructor and get recognized for what you know


Transform from expert to instructor and get recognized for what you know.

Create - Utilize our course designer to layout and create your own online courses


Utilize our class designer to publish and create your own online classes.

Teach - Reach thousands of students around the globe & deliver your course on any device, any time


Teach thousands of students around the globe & on any device, anytime, anywhere.

Earn - Earn serious income & build your following, all while making a real difference for your students


Earn serious income & build your following, all while making a real difference for your students.


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Believe it or not, we are a very small team (3 of us to be exact) and we’re here to walk you through every step of the way and personally make it our goal to support your goals and class. Book a personal call or tour with us at Lably.

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Teaching on Lably has given our Instructors the financial stability and freedom to skyrocket their freelance career and spend time working on the things that they love most. Apply to be an instructor today.

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Dominate your niche, talent, and specialty.  Build a following revolving around your skills and help others learn from you while you build a following. Apply to become an instructor today.

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Earn The Highest Royalty Revenue Payout

We want to support your skills and passion to teach others. We pay the highest Royalty Revenue share (Up to 80%) compared to any other online learning marketplaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can teach on Lably?

Lably is a space for any beauty professionals to teach and and share their knowledge. A professional means that you must be or have been active in your respective industry in some capacity.  Licenses or certificates is also considered a professional qualification.

What can I teach?

Lably courses fall into a wide variety of topics including anything within the beauty and aesthetics industry . We built Lably for those who absolutely love the beauty industry around the world.

How can I deliver my classes?

Lably classes can be delivered through two methods: Live Classes or On Demand Classes. Whether you want to teach live to a group of students or pre-recorded a video class – the choice is up to you!

How do I get approved as an instructor?

Head over to our Lably instructor application.  We’ll need to collect some basic information including name, your PayPal information (to get paid), and your credentials. You’ll need to have an image or photo of your certificate or license.  Start your instructor application here.

Do you offer any resources for instructors?

Yes! We offer resources like the Instructor’s Handbook to help you build a great class. We’re also available for any questions.

How can I earn money?

Lably has a Royalty Program where you’ll have the opportunity to earn money through a royalty. Learn More.

Need more details? Make sure you read our Instructor’s Handbook for more details.